azeti Support Desk Ticketsystem

We are now able to offer you the option of creating an account on our azeti support desk ticket system.
This account will help you to handle your tickets more easily and help us to process your requests more effectively.

You can reach the azeti Support Desk at the following URL:

A quick guide how to use it you can find Opens external link in new windowhere.


Your azeti specialist dealer should always be your first contact in case of minor problems with your product. Chosing our specialist dealers, we attached importance to assuring that you will always find fast and competent help.

Direct support via azeti Networks requires a valid LiveUpdateService. You can activate LiveUpdateService and tie them to your appliances at our azeti support portal.

There you may also send your questions concerning the product or problems directly to our technical staff.

For technical support please write an email to: support(at) 
or call us directly at +49 231 39 815 222 to open a support ticket.



Here you can find useful information for the following topics:

- SONARPLEX Administrator's Guide

- SONARPLEX Monitoring's Guide

- SONARMANAGER Operator's Guide


- How-To articles

- Troubleshooting articles

azeti Remote Maintenance

For the azeti remote maintenance please download the azeti Remote Support Software for PC or Mac directly:

Opens external link in new windowPC

Opens external link in new windowMac



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